Hair Loss

Everyone loses hair. It is normal to lose about 50-100 hairs a day. If you see bald patches or countless thinning, you’ll be experiencing hair loss.There are several causes of hair loss. Women may notice hair loss after giving birth. People below loads of stress will see noticeable hair loss. Some diseases and medical treatments can cause hair loss.

Treatment available without a prescription

Minoxidil: This medicine is applied to the scalp. It will stop hairs from obtaining agent and stimulate hair growth on the highest of the scalp.

Laser devices: Brushes, combs, and other hand-held devices that emit laser light might stimulate hair growth. These devices would possibly build hair look younger in some people.

Prescription medicine

Finasteride: The office approved this drugs to treat men with hair loss. It comes in pill kind and helps slow hair loss in most (about 88%) men. It helps stimulate hair re-growth in several (about 66%) men. Finasteride works by stopping the body from creating a male hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Corticosteroid: If your hair loss is caused by inflammation in your body, a specialist might inject a medicine referred to as a corticosteroid into your scalp. This can facilitate stop the inflammation that happens once someone has alopecia.


It will depend on how much hair you’ve lost.

Hair transplantation: Skin on the scalp that has sensible hair growth is removed and transplanted to areas of the scalp that require hair.

Scalp reduction: Bald scalp is surgically removed and hair-bearing scalp is brought nearer along to scale back hairless.

Scalp expansion: Devices are inserted below the scalp for regarding three to four weeks to stretch the skin. This procedure could also be performed before a scalp reduction to form the scalp a lot of lax.

Scalp flaps: A hair-bearing phase of scalp is surgically moved and placed wherever hair is required.